Goodbye My Friend: Lover’s End

Goodbye My Friend: Lover’s End


You want me back?

You miss me so?

You came to hear the train whistle blow?

Well I’ve done gone

Jumped off the crazy train

Ain’t looking back and boarding again

Been down too many tracks

Down winter’s pass

Too narrow bridges for the rail to last

Ain’t looking back

I’ll say it again

Ain’t looking back

Bid you farewell my friend.

Images © 2013 Rebecca Martin

Confessions of a Dirty Mind: Love Entwined

Confessions of a Dirty Mind: Love Entwined


Is it love that I seek

Laying naked in this sheet

In the midst of your eyes 

Lies a familiar surprise 

This Is Love I surmise

The stroking of passion 

In universal fashion

Each climax moving mountains

Unleashing water fountains 

Your pleasure is my desire

Anything to stoke your fire

I will take the lead 

Give you everything you need

Caress your hidden places 

While donning sensual faces

Let nothing try to cover 

The sounds that we utter

Prolong your excitement, my lover

On top of you I shall hover

As we increase our speed

I envision your seed

Swimming deep within my ocean 

Within this mind is no other notion

My Valley spreads wide 

Taking all of you deep inside 

As you bear witness my secret

Inhale all that’s sacred

Release all your inhibition

Let me share in your dominion

Hand locked tresses binding this union

Screams of ecstasy travel heaven-sent

Our bodies purposely mingle creation bent

Feast on your desire

I exhibit the escape you require

Love dripping down

Sweat droplets without sound

The calm before the storm

Love locked lips do form

The taste of paradise so sweet

Satisfaction calls forth the unborn to meet….

 © 2014-2015 Niazmina

DIY Piano Renewal With Homemade Chalk Paint

DIY Piano Renewal With Homemade Chalk Paint

What happens when your mother comes to visit? Beautify your graffitied piano! Using a mix of colour and Plaster of Paris, create your own chalk paint for a myriad of projects.DSCN0832


It is rather shocking to come to the realization that there are individuals who would allow the esthetic destruction of a piano…although, had it not been graffitied, the renewal process would’ve still taken place!



After some filling and a few coats of chalk paint, the piano looks better than ever. Quick and easy project with endless opportunities for further renewal.


The colour chosen was Chocolate Raspberry and fits in perfectly with the household decor. DSCN0858

Further waxing and buffing and cleaning of the piano keys, completed the job with fantastic results.